Friday, May 30, 2014

Update: Reporter that slapped Brad Pitt now on Hollywood security watch list

Brad Pitt was slapped in the face
by a prankster at the 'Maleficent'
movie premiere.
(Photo Credit:  Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Update May 30: Today Yahoo News, is reporting that "Sediuk's publicist (?!) has dumped him ("After the Pitt incident I … was as shocked as anyone," Christa Scherck told The Insider With Yahoo) and his attorney has issued a statement proclaiming Sediuk's innocence. Oh, and his former employer, 1+1 TV channel, put out a press release announcing his termination a few weeks ago after the Ferrera attack at Cannes. "From now on, the journalist no longer represents the interests of the company," they declared. I wish him good luck with all that."

Original report below:
Last night as crowds thronged the red carpet for the premiere of Disney movie “Maleficent”, Vitalii Sediuk jumped over the barrier and struck actor Brad Pitt in the face.  Pitt was attending the event in support of the star of the movie and mother of his children, Angelina Jolie.  Sediuk was taken away and arrested.

This is not the first time Sediuk has turned out to be a thorn in the side of Hollywood’s elite.  (Continue reading full story here.)

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