Saturday, May 10, 2014

Amber Alert saves the kids; too late for mom murdered by dad

Anthony and Nicholas Jordan rescued after their father
killed their mother and kidnapped them from school.
(photo credit:  South Carolina Law Enforcement Division)

The relatives of Anthony Jordan, 7, and Nicholas Jordan, 8, can breathe a sigh of relief after learning that the boys were found alive and safe this morning.  A five-state Amber Alert was issued by Lodi, New Jersey police Friday night after it was discovered that the boys were taken from their school by their father, John Robert Jordan, 47.

Jordan was estranged from his wife, and the children’s mother, Tracey Jordan, 39.  They were in the process of getting divorced.  Tracey had already moved on and was dating (Read full story.)


  1. Such a sad story! Now he can no longer see his kids either, or spend time in their lives. His horrible decision robbed his children, his ex-wife, and himself of a life; not to mention her family and friends. So devastating!

  2. It certainly is sad Chelle. I just don't understand how he could think killing his estranged wife would solve anything. All it has done was devastate the entire family. God bless those poor boys because, in essence, like you said all the dad did was leave them without both parents.