Saturday, August 18, 2012

Obesity: The Winnable War at Home

Photo Credit:  eBaum's World

Hot off of the fantastic coverage and thrills of the 2012 Summer Olympics, most people are slowly settling back into their normal routines.  Yes, it was fun to watch our favorite athletes as they performed incredible feats, broke records, won medals and made their bodies do things that most of us can't recall doing recently, if ever.  For many of us, jumping up and down as we cheered them on was the most exercise we'd had in awhile.  And therein lies the problem.  Whether we viewed the Olympic games from our sofa, bed, or the local bar stool, we were watching.  Not only the Olympics, but we watch football, baseball, hockey, tennis, and many other sports from our living room.  All of this watching, along with other lifestyle habits, has led to an increase in health problems in American.  One of the fastest growing threats is...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hair-raising Shenanigans at the 2012 Olympics!

Olympic Gold Medalist in gymnastics for the United States
Photo Credit:  Mike Blake/Reuters

Gabby Douglas, at the tender age of 16, has become the first African-American all-around gymnastics gold medalist for the United States of America.  Gabby, with the smile that lit up the arena in London like the candles lit up the sky during the opening ceremonies, has done her momma proud.  She has done her family proud, and man oh man, has she done her country proud.  And what are many people focusing on?