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'BeJeweled: The Flight of an Angel'; Book Launch Celebration Tour with Author Chelle Ramsey

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Today I am excited and honored to be the second stop of the whirlwind blog tour for author Chelle Ramsey.  Ramsey is hitting all the hot spots celebrating the release of her latest book 'BeJeweled:  The Flight of an Angel'.  In case you missed the sizzling excerpt from BeJeweled yesterday, whet your whistle and check it out right here on Te Russ' blog.

The beauty salon is a solid fixture in a woman's world.  A woman's hair is her crowning glory whether the economy is good, bad, or otherwise.  We might have to pass up that purse, getting the car washed this week, or wait on that new pair of shoes, but we are not going around with our hair looking any kind of way; if we can possibly help it. lol.  So what better backdrop for a juicy novel than a beauty salon?  We can always count on some relaxation, catching up on the latest happenings, sisterhood affirmation, and sometimes even a little drama.

'BeJeweled' delivers all of this and more.  And Chelle Ramsey has stopped by today to share with us a glimpse into the creative forces behind the birthing of her latest book.  Thank you so much for joining us today and answering the questions inquiring minds want to know.  Let's get started.

Pamela Kay:  What can you tell us about "BeJeweled The Flight of an Angel?”

Chelle:  BeJeweled is the first novel in a four book series. Each story focuses on the main character: Olivia, the salon owner; and one of her stylists, nail techs, or masseuses. There are other background characters that you get to know, who will have their own story.

BeJeweled: The Flight of an Angel focuses on Olivia and Angel Franklin, a hard working stylist with dreams of owning her own salon. However, with being berated by another co-worker, constantly finding herself in the center of BeJeweled’s gossip, and her husband’s constant infidelity, she’s losing hope quickly. With years of looking the other way, she realizes that she can no longer ignore his “side chicks” when it hits close to home. Angel may have to make a decision that may leave her raising their only son alone.

Olivia is working on opening a second salon, but when things in the shop spiral out of control, she finds herself being torn in several different directions. A spiritual woman, Olivia attempts to inspire her workers to rise above their adversities. Yet, her attention is diverted when the only man she has ever loved returns to Atlanta. Questioning his return, the status of his marriage, and his intentions, Olivia finds herself once again laying her heart on the line. With the possibility of finally discovering love, she realizes an old promise she made will be tested. Between the drama in the shop, and her own drama surfacing, Olivia finds her faith tested.

Pamela Kay:  What sparked the idea for this story? 

Chelle:  I wanted to write a story whose main character was inspirational. All of my other novels have an inspirational message; however, the main character is usually deep in the conflict of the story. Olivia does have conflict that she must resolve; however, she is steeped in her faith. And she rests on her faith to bring her through whatever may come. I wanted to show a single woman who could be strong, successful, and still inspirational. She aspires to be a Proverbs 31 woman if she ever has a family of her own.

Pamela Kay:  How did you develop and differentiate your characters? 

Chelle:  I created my characters with personalities that real people in their situations would embody. I envisioned how an Olivia, Angel, or Belinda would react in any given situation. I recalled the years of going to the salon and the various personalities I encountered there, and allowed my imagination to flow. The characters are as real to me as someone standing in front of me conversing with me. As I heard their voices speaking different words, or phrases I wrote them down and made those their tag words. Finally, I went on an internet search to find the pictures of my characters as I saw them in my head, so that I could flesh them out. This is the first novel that I have used an outline with, thanks to fellow author, MJ Kane. It enabled me to recall important things about them, such as their insecurities, worst memory, greatest fear, favorite color or piece of clothing. Coming from different backgrounds and cultures enabled me to differentiate their personalities.

Pamela Kay:  Who do you imagine is your ideal reader? 

Chelle:  My ideal reader varies, it can be the woman who is feeling as if she is too old to pursue her dreams, to the young woman who is trying to overcome an abusive relationship. It may be the successful woman who has never had a family, but as middle age approaches she finds herself wanting more than a career, but the love and warmth of a family. Above all, my ideal reader is the person who is facing or has faced life challenges, and needs to know that they can overcome adversity with belief in themselves, and faith.

Pamela Kay:  What do you hope readers take away from this story? 

Chelle:  I hope readers become empowered to look beyond the traditional happy ending. I want them to realize they can create their own life ending, despite their challenges. I want them to look within and learn to believe in themselves and love themselves above everything else. Because only then can they learn to love others and give the best of themselves to the world.         

Pamela Kay:  What is your writing process? 

Chelle:  My writing process involves jotting an idea down on a piece of paper when it occurs to me. This can happen if I am out and about, or in the middle of the night from a dream I have had. Most of my stories come from dreams. As soon as I have a free moment, I sit down and free write. In other words, I let the words, ideas and thoughts flow from my head, down through my fingers and onto the computer screen. I never question it in the beginning.

When I come upon certain topics, such as a career unfamiliar to me, an illness, or legal situation I take a couple of days to research that area thoroughly. I return to the writing process and write that situation as realistically as possible into the story. After I have written the complete novel, I go back revise, edit, and send it to my Beta readers, and possibly revise some more. This is the first novel that I have actually used an outline in, which I created after the first few chapters were written.

Pamela Kay:  What authors most inspire you? 

Chelle:  Terry McMillan, Connie Briscoe, James Patterson, Stuart Woods, and Nora Roberts.

Pamela Kay:  What one book, written by someone else, do you wish you'd written yourself? 

Chelle:  There is no book that someone else has already written that I wish I had written. I say this because if there are books out there like that, had I written them, they would be a completely different book. Everyone has their own ideas, voice, perspective, and creativity…so no two books will ever be the same. Therefore, I write what my heart desires and let every author have his or her own story. 

Pamela Kay:  Thank you for opening up and sharing with us today Chelle.  And readers please be sure to mark your calendars so you can join Chelle on the next stop of her tour when she visits the fabulous blog of author Chicki Brown on May 12, 2014.

About The Author
Chelle Ramsey

An avid reader since her primary years, Chelle saw books as an escape mechanism. Excited by the worlds, and characters that could be created with a touch of the imagination, she began writing her own stories at the age of 12. The more enamored with storytelling she became, the more she wanted to create stories about the suffering, and hardships she saw others enduring, with one twist…her characters would rise above their adversities and limitations, but not always with traditional endings.

This busy wife, and mother of three, exchanged her Girl Scout Leader pins for her creative writing pen, as she began to focus on publishing her novels. In her spare time, when she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading mystery novels, watching the NBA, remodeling their home with her husband, and spending time with him and their children. Having received her MBA in Human Resource Management, she says she cannot wait for the day when writing becomes her full-time career. “If I can show my readers they are not alone, in dealing with their challenges, and that they can rise above their limitations, I have achieved my goal,” Ramsey says.

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  1. Wow, Pamela! What an awesome introduction! If I hadn't written the book, I would definitely want to read it now. LOL!!! Thanks so much for having me on your blog today. It's a wonderful experience. :)

    1. You're so welcome Chelle. It was a pleasure to have you visit us today and you've got a hit on your hands because we can all relate. What happens in the beauty salon doesn't always stay in the beauty salon. Lol. May God Bless you with much continued success. :)

    2. Thank you, Pamela. And may he bless you with His great success as well. :)

  2. Pamela,
    Thank you for introducing your blog readers to Bejeweled: The Flight of an Angel by Chelle Ramsey. That was a great intro!

    Tyora Moody

    1. Thank you Tyora. We really enjoyed spotlighting BeJeweled and Chelle Ramsey today. My readers are always looking for a great book. :)