Saturday, April 26, 2014

"Show and Tell" gone wild; teacher gives student lap dance at school

Felicia Smith was charged with improper relationship with a student after
giving a boy a lap dance at school
(photo credit:

The headlines have been teeming recently with stories of teachers having illicit affairs with underage students entrusted in their care.  What they all have in common is that these rendezvous are shrouded in secrecy.  Not so in the case of Stovall Middle School teacher Felicia Smith, 42, who gave a whole new meaning to hands on learning.  On Thursday Smith was charged with improper relationship with a student after giving a 15-year-old boy a lap dance in front of the whole class.

Smith put a chair in the front of the classroom on February 26 and the students urged the birthday boy to go up front and have a seat.  Music started playing and Smith proceeded to give the child a full body lap dance.  Someone filmed the entire performance, which lasted almost four minutes, and the video is now in the custody of the Aldine (Texas) Police Department.

According to authorities, Smith sat down on the student’s lap and began grinding.  She then stood up and danced for him while rubbing all over his body.  As the other students cheered her on, Smith knelt before the young man and placed her face between his legs.  After the music ended Smith embraced the student and said, “I love you baby.  Happy Birthday.”

Smith’s defense is a classic case of pointing the finger.  She told police that she only gave the child a lap dance because the other students urged her to do it for the boy as a birthday surprise.  The student told police that he did slap her on the behind a couple of times as she was bent over dancing in front of him.
School officials reported that Smith has been removed from the classroom while the investigation is ongoing, but did not say whether she is on paid or unpaid leave.  It is safe to say the students will not soon have another ‘show and tell’ period like this during their stay at middle school.

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