Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Grieving hip-hop star shot multiple times; nephew charged with attempted murder

Benzino, 48, is recovering after being shot multiple times by his own nephew.
(photo credit:  TMZ.com)

So much for naysayers who believe all reality TV drama is scripted phoniness.  Too much of the madness is real.  Sadly, the unbelievable happened Saturday in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Benzino (real name Raymond Scott) was shot multiple times as he was on the way to his mother’s funeral.

Benzino, 48, is one of the former owners of Source Magazine, a colorful hip-hop monthly that prides itself on dishing the latest rap, music, celebrity and political news.  Since 2012 he has been, and is currently, one of the stars of Mona Scott’s breakout southern reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, which chronicles the lives, loves, ups and downs of a group of newcomers (as well as trying-to-make-a-comeback rap stars) whose lives heavily revolve around the rap/hip-hop music industry.

The grieving Benzino, who had recently posted a message on Instagram saying he didn’t know how he would go on after losing his mom, was driving in his mother’s funeral procession when his very own nephew, 36-year-old Gai Scott, pulled up alongside the vehicle  Benzino was in and brutally fired shots, hitting his uncle Benzino.  Benzino managed to get out of the car and a passerby rushed him to the hospital where he is recovering.

The rest of the family proceeded to the church and laid Mary Scott to rest without further incident.  Benzino later said that he had a bad feeling about going to the funeral due to growing family tensions.  He paid his respects to his mother at a wake the night before and believes that she stepped in and saved him, and he is just glad to be alive.

Gai Scott has been taken into custody and charged with attempted murder.

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