Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dashcam video: Cop drags woman off tracks seconds before train mows her down

Caught on tape!  Cop rescues woman from train tracks
seconds before train speeds by.
(Dashcam video:  Richmond Police Department)

With so many stories of law enforcement authorities (from officials to beat cops) being exposed for corruption, it’s easy for people to forget the many officers out there who continuously uphold their oath to protect and serve.  The Huffington Post reports today that one heroic officer snatched a suicidal woman off the train tracks mere moments before the speeding train would have shred her to pieces.

Police Officer Ramon Morales, 27, of the Richmond Police Department (RPD), was hailed by a passerby early Sunday morning.  The person told Morales that there was a woman on the train tracks.  When Morales arrived he says that he saw a woman on the tracks crying, the crossing guard was coming down, and he sprang into action.  (Continue reading full story here.)

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