Friday, March 21, 2014

Crime analyst fired by her police chief lover slaps lawsuit on city of Columbia

Bridget Caffery's DUI mugshot. She is suing her lover and former Police Chief Randy Scott.  (photo credit:  Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center)

Skeletons continue to burst out of the closet of the Columbia Police Department (CPD).  The State newspaper just broke the news that embattled former Police Chief Randy Scott, along with the city of Columbia, has been slapped with a lawsuit by Bridget Caffery.

Former Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott's tearful resignation.
(photo credit:

Caffery, 24, was a civilian employee of the CPD and served as a crime analyst under Scott before his abrupt and mysterious departure.  Later Scott explained that he was suffering from PTSD related to the death of one of his officers two years prior.  Now it seems there may have been more to it than at first met the eye.
Caffery is alleging that she had an affair with Scott and that she was wrongfully terminated.  She was arrested for DUI in December, telling officers at the scene that she wanted Scott and interim Police Chief Ruben Santiago to be informed of her arrest.

Caffery is suing, among other reasons, because she says that she was assured that she would not be in trouble, but later Scott forced her to resign or be terminated on the spot.  Besides feeling that her personal relationship with Scott should have protected her, she also alleges that there are other CPD employees with DUIs still on the job.  To make matters worse, Caffery alleges that during her affair with Scott, he placed a tracking device on her vehicle to ensure that she wasn’t seeing anyone else, a misuse of CDP equipment.

So far there has been no immediate response from Scott.  But his successor, interim Police Chief Santiago abruptly resigned Thursday, making that six Columbia police chiefs come and gone in seven years.

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