Monday, February 3, 2014

The Real Winners of Super bowl 2014

Super bowl 2014 was a washout of a game. In every game there has to be a winning team and an also played team. Last night Denver also played. The Seattle Seahawks beat the Broncos in one of the most embarrassing football displays ever. As one Facebook poster said, the writing was on the wall, or rather, in the panicked eyes of Peyton Manning when he missed that first snap. In a nutshell, that was the game. Now to the fun part, the entertainers.
Joe Namath - Photo credit:  Mark Humphrey/ABC Photos
Broadway” Joe Namath lived up to the hype his persona has always promised. Despite an unseasonably warm 45 degree temperature at field level, Namath showed up to do the super bowl coin toss wearing a full length multi-colored fur coat. But Namath has always been one for glamour. Check out these pictures spanning 40 years of Joe Namath balling off the field as well as on.
Queen Latifah - Photo Credit:  Matt Slocum/AP 
Queen Latifah, actress and talk show host, continues to be the renaissance woman. When she burst on the scene as a teenaged rapper, no one dreamed of the many ways she would reinvent herself to constantly remain relevant. During the pre-game show she did a wonderfully mellow rendition of “America The Beautiful”. See the video of her moving performance here.
Renee Fleming  -  Photo credit:
When it was announced that for the first time in history an opera singer had been selected to do the “National Anthem” at the super bowl, many did not know what to expect. But almost no one was prepared to be presented with such a stirringly emotional treatment of the song that means so much to every American. The whole performance was a tour de force. The crowd caught its collective breath when as she sang “the rocket’s red glare”, rockets of were simultaneously bursting around the outside of the stadium and up into the air. And the notes she hit as she sang “the land of the free” transformed the stadium into a patriotic oasis, and made many new opera fans in the process. Check out Renee Fleming wowing the crowd here.
Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Photo credit:  Kevin Mazur/Wire Image

After sitting through an amazingly uneventful first half of football play, the crowd gratefully sprang to life when the dazzling Mr. Bruno Mars hit the stage with a banged out drum solo. He and his musicians wore perfectly matched flaming gold lame leather-edge jackets and rocked it out with perfectly choreographed moves reminiscent of the well-dressed, talented Temptations of the Motown Era. After Mars whipped the crowd into a frenzy with “Treasure”, he was joined on stage by legendary rockers the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Collectively they turned the stadium into a virtual trampoline with the crowd jumping up and down, cheering them on. You can watch this amazing super bowl halftime treat of a show here.
Super bowl 2014 rating? Game: 4 – Halftime party: 100. What say you?

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