Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Ugly" Politics...A Sad Day...A New Low Reached!

Good Morning everyone. This picture right here speaks 2 million words. Arizonians you need to take your governor in the corner room and give her a stern talking to about how she's representing you in front of the world. You don't stick your finger in the President's face. Wait a minute, it goes far beyond that. Even if he wasn't the President, you don't go sticking your finger in someone's face. 
As adults we have learned, or should have learned by now, that we speak and communicate our points of view with our mouths and NOT our hands. She knows good and well if he had been seen wagging his finger in her face, Gloria Allred (allegedly) and every feminist women's group in the country would have been up in arms. Well that goes both ways lady! Put your hands in your pockets if you can't control yourself. Thank you.
 Read the full story here:   Photo credited to ABC news.


  1. I'm certainly not a fan of politics, nor of either person in the photo, but, just as words are often quoted out of context, this picture is certainly not clear. What if she was getting ready to indicate a direction; "Yes, Mr. President, the children are gathered over there"
    How about, "Mr. President, where did you get that lapel pin?"
    We are not able to clearly see her facial expression and that could make all the difference. Her tone of voice is unknown as well.
    "To understand all is to forgive all" - Buddah

    Of course, the first amendment is still in effect and as long as she doesn't actually make contact ... she might have a valid point LOL

    1. The ABC news article said "Longstanding tension between Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and Democratic President Barack Obama flared into the public spotlight Wednesday just after Air Force One touched down in Phoenix.

      Brewer, who was on the tarmac to greet Obama, hand-delivered a letter before engaging the president "intensely" for several minutes, including pointing her finger directly at him, according to Politico's Carrie Budoff Brown, acting as a pool reporter for other media outlets."

      I concur with you in that those two are the only ones who actually know what that conversation was really about. And, honestly, I hope those were the kinds of things she was saying, maybe giving directions, or admiring his lapel pin.

      I just think that politicians of all parties have to realize that in this internet age of photos flashed around the world, they should show some decorum in how they present themselves. Now how they duke it out behind closed doors is another matter. Go for it and take no prisoners. :)

  2. Just seeing this photo again made my blood boil. There's no justification for putting your finger in another person's face. The end.

    1. Yes T.C, this is just so disrespectful on all levels.